Friday, November 15, 2013

Marx Foods Grass-Fed Steak Review

Marx Foods Grass-Fed Steak Review
Any given chance to sample Marx Foods products, I jump at the opportunity. And this one just may have been the tastiest yet...Marx Foods Grass-Fed Steak!
Bold and beautiful, with the perfect trails of marbling fat throughout, rendering into a blissfully, succulent deliciousness. Simply seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper then seared in a blazing hot cast iron skillet to a perfect crisp on the outside and a perfect medium rare to medium on the inside is the only way to go. Paired with mashed potatoes and Caesar salad with a red wine demi glaze, prepared using the left over bits from where the steaks were seared, is what was on the menu for dinner. The aroma still lingered in the air the next morning and the steak was again enjoyed as a classic steak and eggs breakfast.
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