Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kleenex Hand Towels Brand Fan Program

#1 Kleenex Hand Towels!!!
With the flu season approaching it's important that we keep our families and friends healthy by keeping the germs to a minimum. A good way that could help make this happen would be to give Kleenex Hand Towels a try in your home, work place or child's school. Check out some of the benefits of Kleenex Hand Towels:
- In the U.S. alone, people dry their hands on cloth bathroom towels approximately 200 billion times per year. Just because a towel looks clean doesn't mean it is. Even after they're washed, hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.
- Skip the damp, overused cloth towel because with a fresh, dry hand towel for every use, you can cut down on the spread of germs in your home when you have those extra guests.
- Kleenex Hand Towels' Dry-Touch fibers are absorbent enough to dry hands but also have enough left over for quick clean-ups around the bathroom sink. They'll save you time and cut down on overall post-party mess.
Everyone want his or her loved ones to stay healthy and germ-free, especially when opening up his or her home to guests. For more information about Kleenex Hand Towels and how to join the Clean Hands Campaign visit www.kleenex.com/HandTowels!

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  1. These are so cute. Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to try and make these for presents.. hand towels


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