Dine or Dash?

Now we are all adults here and even if you're not I am not speaking about dining and dashing out of restaurants without paying the bill, I am simply sharing with you where I do and where I don't prefer dining. Hope you find my experiences helpful and my apologies to those who aren't exactly a favorite, for me that is, because each and every one of us has our own taste buds!

Fair Oaks, Ca

Dianda's Italian Bakery and Cafe
10131 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Fair Oaks, Ca 95628
(916) 916-966-3757

    This cute little indoor-outdoor cafe is run by very friendly people, most with a nice Italian accent and who can also bake some mean sweet treats!  The chocolate raspberry with whipped cream frosting cake we ordered for our little girl Kaia's birthday was the biggest present at the party!  It was so decadently delicious we had to make them a hand-made "thank you" card and we intend on ordering the rest of all our birthday cakes from them...also comes with a very fair price!
    Aside their addicting desserts, particularly their famous traditional cannoli which you'll need to get in early to catch one, they also serve a satisfying breakfast (my favorite is always whatever breakfast croissant sandwhich they're serving) and lunch though unfortunately not dinner.  Could you imagine an authentic Italian diner right in the heart of Old Fair Oaks?

Village Bistro
7984 California Ave

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

    Considering my boyfriend and I have only eaten here once before I can't have too much of an opinion about this little California Cuisine restaurant.  However I can say it is an authentic eatery, with a chef who knows his stuff, but unfortunately on our visit for breakfast from the moment my boyfriends order of steak and eggs hit the grill top an unpleasant odor filled the air.  We did look past the situation in its entirety atleast attempting to taste the meat but in the end a comment card was handed to us and had to be filled out.  
    Sorry Gerard and hope this doesn't break our chances of enjoying another meal at your restaurant as the rest of your menu looks right up our alley!

7318 Winding Way
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916) 535-0100

Mirabelle Fruit Cake

    Once again we've only dined at this Family Style European Cafe just once so far and it was pretty good.  Among being known for their quality baking of cakes, pastries and Euro-style desserts, they also serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.  During our visit we shared a vegetable crepe and a cheeseburger, like I said it was all pretty good. 
    In regards to some of their specialty Euro-style desserts, for example a raspberry and key lime flavored gelatin-like desserts which I expected to be more of a mousse or buttercream, I feel these may be more of an aquired preference, for me anyway. 
    I'll have to dig into one of their cannolis or decadent personal sized cakes next time, they all look amazing...we like to go out on a whim most the time with food though, but I'm grateful I tried the others!

Carmelita's Mexican Restaurant
4071 Howard Street, Fair Oaks, CA 95628-7138
(916) 961-3327‎

    Our home away from home, we've been going to the Fair Oaks location for a handful of years now and frequently visit the Roseville location.  Though now and then they have been an upset, some nights just ruined, we have managed to remain loyal as I feel we have become friends with some of the staff and I do love the food and ambiance...it's also right down the street from where we live!
    We usually will both get a combination plate, I mean who doesn't always want the best of all worlds.  Our favorites that we usually order are the crispy beef taco, chile relleno, cheese enchilada with green sauce, beef and/or carne asada burritos and fish or shrimp tacos.
    They do specialize in Mexican seafood dishes, particularly seafood soups, though our ultimate favorite specialty seafood dish is their shrimp enchiladas with green sauce with avocado add a side of sour cream (not that it needs it)...this dish is even super simple to prepare at home!
    Can't forget to mention the MARGARITAS!  Usually they're just right though sometimes they tend to be either not much more tasty than plain ol' sweet and sour or they're almost lethal and you could create a fire ball if maybe it were your birthday and you were brought some flan with a candle to blow out...Revenge of the Nerds all over again?!

La Boheme
9634 Fair Oaks Blvd
Fair Oaks, CA. 95628-6936
(916) 965-1071

    Well it took us much too long to find this little authentic French cuisine restaurant that specializes in flambe' style desserts and coffee drinks.  They also have connections with top quality producers of their ingredients, particularly their escargot and veal, though I have decided to no longer eat veal.  I've had it plenty of times from many different places and know what it tastes like, though from La Boheme I am sometimes broken and give in and have a bite of my boyfriends!
    There is always the same two waiters serving, we most often end up sitting with the famous Nick but there is also the famous Mike.  All the staff is extremely friendly and on point with their attentiveness! 
    The chef has a way of cooking his potatoes which I asked to be explained to me though just haven't been able to replicate them at home.  I know they're basically simply braised in a stock until tender but they're just one of the best potatoes we've ever had!

Sunflower Natural Food Restaurant
10344 Fair Oaks Blvd

Fair Oaks, CA 95628-7114
(916) 967-4331


The Nutburger

    Known for their infamous NUTBURGER and the chickens roaming outside of course.  This healthy hippie joint serves up an array of not just vegetarian but vegan dishes that leaves even a huge carnivore completely astonished at their satisfaction with the drive-in and its food.  I've been a customer of Sunflower since I was young and visited especially often when I was a vegetarian throughout high school.  While I do presently eat meat and poultry my family and I still place our orders at the window...that is if we can't get in a phone order to go!  With about seven tables, some smaller and some picnic-style including one inside, doesn't leave for too much sitting room.
    Of course I began with most often ordering the nutburger but I did eventually have to try something new.  While I was a vegetarian in high school I remember always ordering either the avocado and cheese sandwich or the SUPER avocado and cheese sandwich, depending on my mood I guess.  During the fall and winter seasons ordering their chili served with cornbread and honey butter IS A MUST!  These days my favorites are the super nachos and even more so the nutty taco!!!  There are many more options to try inlcuding a millet burger and falafel.  My little one will either go with the kids cheese quesadilla or the yummy peanut butter, honey and banana sandiwch...oh and she'll always want one of their tasty smoothies or milkshakes available in many flavors.  For the big kids there's a variety of Hansens sodas, fresh squeezed juices, tea and coffee. 
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