Thursday, August 13, 2015

Orchard Choice "Feed Us Figs" Campaign

Orchard Choice "Feed Us Figs" Campaign
Thanks to both Kitchen Play and Orchard Choice I have been chosen as one of the lucky food bloggers to receive Orchard Choice fig products and to share some of my favorite recipe creations using them with you!!!
And not only was I given this tasty opportunity, but you as my readers have an exciting opportunity as well. Enter the Cook's Country contest by posting your favorite fig recipes to Instagram and hashtag them with #VFigFeed and tag them with @valleyfig. You and your readers can have the chance to win an exclusive trip for two to the live audience tasting segment during the filming of season 9 of Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen in Vermont on September 22. (Please visit for full program details)
Here are some of the fig-licious recipes I put together...
Organic Mission Fig Phyllo Prosciutto Asparagus & Goat Cheese Wraps
Smear Orchard Choice Organic Mission Fig spread onto the center of two sheets phyllo

Wrap asparagus spears with a piece of prosciutto

Place prosciutto wrapped asparagus on top of the fig spread along with goat cheese crumbles

Roll until sealed, brush with olive oil and back until golden crisp
Orchard Choice Balsamic Pepper Fig Prosciutto Egg & Goat Cheese Bagel Sandwich
On a toasted onion bagel smear Orchard Choice Balsamic Pepper Fig spread on top slice, goat cheese on bottom slice and place slightly crisp prosciutto and sunny side egg in between
For more information about these fig-tastic products visit: 

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